Transforming the Aging Experience
from the company that Ignited the PX Movement

The Patient Experience Trifecta: Ignite the Passion, Change the Experience, Tell Your Story

Word of mouth (WOM) is a hospital’s most strategic marketing weapon. In its simplest form, word of mouth is nothing more than offering incredible experiences (the WOW) that people talk about. There is a lot of talk about commitment to patient experience, yet translating that to action is sporadic and typically not sustained. And when it happens it typically is in silos.

In this presentation, the association first between word of mouth and patient experiences is made. Research showing the tie between top-performing hospitals and employees who are engaged in the mission will be shared along with a transformational approach to patient experience management that helps reconnect employees to the mission and vision by starting with their own passion and purpose.

As you start to realize what is at stake by getting experience management wrong, you build the case for the need for a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) to get it right. Three roles for that position will then be covered.

Once you start to change experiences, you will want to tell your story. How to tell your story and then spread it through five strategies that mainstream companies like Starbucks use to identify and deploy customer ambassadors / crusaders will be shared.

Presented at the Cleveland Clinic Patient Innovation and Empathy Summit in May 2011 to more than 750 people and to 400 people at The Beryl Institute in April 2012, this topic is emotionally charged and gaining momentum.

Changing Patient Experiences By Igniting Individual Passion and Purpose

Presented at The Cleveland Clinic and at The Beryl Institute, this interactive keynote / workshop will show you how sustainable patient experience must start with individual passion and purpose. We’ll show you how to look at patient experience in a totally new way and then show you how to tell your story to the public. In a 20-minute exercise within this session, we will help participants look at themselves in a new and transformational way.

The Role of The Chief Experience Officer

Our article, The Chief Experience Officer, was one impetus behind the Cleveland Clinic starting an office of patient experience and employing the first hospital chief experience officer in the U.S. We now consult with organizations about creating this position. Learn why you should have a chief experience officer in your organization.

Leadership Lessons from the Serengeti

Dr. Doolittle wanted to talk to the animals. We can do a lot by learning from them. There is a great symbiotic relationship among the animals in the wild. And they can teach us a lot about teamwork and leadership. Using dramatic footage shot in the Serengeti on a safari, Anthony will share lessons about leadership in an interactive and fun session. We’ll talk about the visionary giraffe, the comforting zebra, the protector elephant and of course the lion who puts his foot (or paw) down when needed. Combining footage, customized parody songs (think the Lion King), group breakouts and lecture, this fast paced program will look at leadership from a truly different landscape. Curious? Check out our video.

For long-term care – The Resident Experience:
Moving Beyond a Customer Service Mentality to a Resident-Centered Culture
For hospitals – The Patient Experience:
Moving Beyond a Customer Service Mentality to a Patient-Centered Culture

The patient and resident experience is all the buzz. Health organizations all look the same to the consumer.  They expect high quality care and clinical competence.  So when facilities all start looking the same in their eyes how can they choose?  They choose in part through recommendations of friends and family who have experienced the care.  And the differentiator always becomes the experience delivered.  But we are not focusing on customer service as a program that is rolled out and soon forgotten. Organizations that are successful have an experience culture that revolves around the patient or resident. In this program we will look at how a customer culture is different than customer service; how it starts with the employee experience; and how understanding customer expectations and mapping the experience will start to close the gap between expectation and delivery. In short we will show you how to change the experience and leverage it in your marketing. The most effective marketing comes from people who answer yes to the question – will you recommend us to others?  In this session you will find out how to get to YES.

Mr. Cirillo’s article entitled The Chief Experience Officer was the most read feature in Health Leaders in 2007 and was used as the basis to form a chief experience officer position and an office of patient experience at The Cleveland Clinic.

Turning Customers into Crusaders

Profitable revenue and staff retention are two of the biggest issues confronting the healthcare industry. Word of mouth can be leveraged to help achieve both and it begins with delivering a great experience that people talk about. The most effective marketing comes from people who answer yes to the question – will you recommend us to others?  This session will show how to identify and leverage these crusaders.  Eight crusader techniques will be shared and demonstrated. No one wants what you have to provide! This session will enable organizations to develop relationships and create tipping points for choice. This session allows for participants to put the principles into action working collaboratively and assisted by an extensive workbook. For an employee centric version of this, we have Turning Employees into Crusaders.

The Meaning of Life!

A keynote combining stories, song and audience participation that will have attendees laughing, crying, and reflecting on what is really important in life.  People leave feeling great and associate that great feeling with the sponsoring organization and the effects are long lasting.

Develop Your Personal Brand

When was the last time you took time for you?  At this program you will.  We will look at you the brand.  Yes, people are brands.  Maybe not the way The Donald or Martha are (no last names needed).  Each of us has a brand personality, yet we seldom take the time to market ourselves.  This session is designed to show you how to market “YOU”! This workshop will unleash your brand personality for career advancement. The lessons will provide a blueprint for understanding how your brand impacts the business and impacts your career. Strategies for establishing a brand position and your total package – your name, your look, how you speak, and your network– will be explored.

Turning Sources into Sales

In this interactive presentation, we connect marketing and sales, data collection to actionable strategies and show how the way you use information can help increase sales.  Uncover new audiences for your sales efforts and learn how to get the most out of your existing sources as well.

Essentials of Marketing

Traditional radio, television and print advertising are on the rise by healthcare marketers. Yet, this is a time when the public is tuning these mediums out and turning on to emerging media to receive information. There has never been a more important time to remind ourselves that “marketing is not advertising.” Find out what true marketing is and how healthcare marketing is different than other marketing.

The One Day Marketing Crusade

The One Day Marketing Crusade is a unique “event” designed primarily for long-term care facilities but which can also be adapted for hospitals and other providers. The Crusade is a full day program that engages all of your internal and external audiences and focuses attention on your facility and its mission.

You’re Missing 98% of the Market

The not invented here syndrome is rampant in healthcare. If you only learn from your own domain you are missing ideas from 98% of the marketplace. Find out how to capture the other 98% for strategic gain. First presented at the American College of Healthcare Executives annual conference.

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