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Opportunities in an Aging Marketplace – for any company looking to seize opportunities in an aging market.

Person Centered Care Is Blind to the Setting: Obstacles and Opportunities in Shaping the Culture of Aging Care

How to Become a Dementia Friendly Hospital – 10 Steps

The Patient Experience Trifecta: Ignite the Passion, Change the Experience, Tell Your Story

The Role of The Chief Experience Officer in an ACO World

For long-term care – The Resident Experience: Moving Beyond a Customer Service Mentality to a Resident-Centered Culture

For hospitals – The Patient Experience: Moving Beyond a Customer Service Mentality to a Patient-Centered Culture

Turning Customers into Crusaders

The Meaning of Life! Perfect for paid and family caregivers where motivation and inspiration are key.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Turning Sources into Sales

Essentials of Marketing

The One Day Marketing Crusade – a unique “event” designed primarily for long-term care facilities but which can also be adapted for hospitals and other providers. The Crusade is a full day program that engages all of your internal and external audiences and focuses attention on your facility and its mission.

Other Topics of Interest: The Marketing Implications of Price Transparency, Medical Tourism, Measure Up or Move On – Marketing ROI, Connecting with Boomers, Using a Marketing Assessment to Focus Resources tied to Organizational Goals